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      As you read through the pages listed above, you'll learn about microbes, and

how through the study of microscopy different innovators brought it to the

many cures and treatments that we have now a days.  While it talks about

the history of microbes and how to track them down, it also talks about the

impact that microscopy has had on our society, our politics and our

economy. You may also encounter biotechnicians that helped make the

discovery of these tiny specimens that cause diseases, for example, John Snow,

William Budd, and Anton Van Leeuwenhoek are all innovators of ways to track

down infectious microbes and disease. Through time the study of microscopy

was further developed and soon brought to surface the possibilities of cures and

treatments, which also brought around some legal and ethical problems.  As you

go look around the website, we hope you enjoy the wonderful information


 What you see above are examples of microbes.



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